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Every day, many new products get to introduce in the market and one of them is Ship Building ABS/DH36 Plates that is the urgent need of marine applications. These plates are best to be used in shipbuilding and platform as they have the ability to wear resistance. The product is high corrosion and heat resistance and due to this, is being used in marine applications. These are also having a high tensile strength along with good toughness properties. Moreover, these are carrying welding and processing properties and can be utilized in the creation of ship’s hull structure whose load goes above 1000 tons.


The total width of Ship Building ABS/DH36 Plates is from 1200mm to 4000mm whereas the thickness is from 4mm to 260mm. Also, the length of it is from 3000mm to 18000mm. These plates come into existence with surface finishes like epoxy coating, black or gray paint over its upper or inner layer. These are used for building the offshore oil bore platform, ship patching up and other components. You can get it at industrial rates from any offline or online manufacturers.

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