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Ship Building Steel ABS/E Sheet and Plates

So you are seeking to buy Ship building ABS/E plates for fulfilling the industry application requirements. There are many suppliers and exporters of an excellent quality of plates you will see dealing globally. Ship building plates are used in making ship building hull. It is also used for the purpose of ship repairing, for platform pipe joints etc. These plates are supplied to various parts of the world in different shapes, sizes, lengths, widths etc to the buyers for fulfilling all their applications wants.


In length, these Ship building ABS/E plates are available as 3000 to 18000mm. The wall thickness of it is ranging from 6mm to 200mm. If we talk about available width, it ranges from1500mm to 4020mm. The testing services that are producers are offering to ensure excellent production of plates is numerous. These are like third-party testing, impact test, bend test, ultrasonic test, tensile test, hardness test, material identification test, pitting corrosion resistance test etc. The pretreatment services offered is painting, clearing rust and blasting. You can choose the best dealer providing excellent value-added and sale after services and of course product at reasonable rates for a profitable deal.

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