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The standard ship building ABS/FH32 plates are standard carbon steel plates that are available in different grades with a specific gravity as 7.8 and higher strength. The minimum yielding strength of ship building ABS grade is 45,500 PSI or 315 MPa and ultimate tensile strength as 64,000 PSI or 440-590 MPa. They are suitable for bulk cargo vessels, cruise ships, yachts, ferries, and containers. They are mainly used in ship repairing, ship building, and offshore drilling purposes. They are used in producing container, cruise ships development, and bulk cargo vessels. They may be AR hot rolled or TMPC or Q+T i.e. quenching and tempering.


It has thickness level of 2-350mm and width as 1200mm to 4200 mm. The length of the typical plate is 3000mm to 18000 mm and can be varied as per client need. The ship building plates can achieve toughness at 60 degree Celsius and the plates are generally certificated after they successfully pass the toughness tests.


You can buy the plates from any of the renowned suppliers and get the plates of specific chemical and physical properties. You can read the details to know more about the plates that are given on the product packaging.

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