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Ship Building Steel LR/AH32 Sheet

Ship Building Steel LR/AH32 Sheet is a high-strength structural steel grade with LR Class A/B properties. It has a chemical composition of C 0.20%, Mn 2.50%, P 0.025%, S 0.020%-0.005%, Si 0,15%-0,30% and Ni 0,45%. This steel grade is used to manufacture hulls and ships with excellent corrosion resistance and weldability features to withstand extreme marine conditions without sacrificing mechanical characteristics.


Shipbuilding Steel LR/AH32 Sheet has excellent welding and forming properties and is readily available. It offers superior strength, impact toughness, low thermal expansion and corrosion resistance. LR/AH32 Sheet's notable features are its strong weldability, good fatigue resistance, high tensile strength and excellent corrosion resistance- making it ideal for the naval shipbuilding industry.

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