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Silicon Bronze C65100 Bolts are widely used for both residential and commercial applications due to their high resistance to corrosion. Their chemical composition is a copper-silicon alloy consisting of 91% copper, 7% silicon, 1% iron, and about 0.4% manganese . This combination not only boasts high levels of strength but also offers improved weldability compared to pure copper alloys. Moreover, Silicon Bronze C65100 Bolts offer good electrical conductivity when exposed to harsh environmental conditions and excellent machining characteristics. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor environments that require enhanced durability against even the most severe elements.

C65100 Silicon Bronze Bolts can provide incredible versatility for a variety of different residential, commercial, and industrial projects due to their exceptional corrosion resistance and strength. They can be used in outdoor applications particularly well because the combination of silicon-bronze helps them resist corrosion from salt water and other environmental influences. Furthermore, they are extremely strong; they have a minimum tensile strength of 100ksi, which makes them well suited to use in fixtures that will require maintaining a secure hold under strenuous conditions. The fact that Silicon Bronze C65100 bolts don’t oxidize or wear easily means maintenance on them is minimal, making them an ideal choice for residential or industrial applications such as bridges, ships, or even architectural decorations with indoor and outdoor exposure to the elements.

FAQ's for Silicon Bronze C65100 Bolts

Silicon Bronze C65100 Bolts Start From Rs. 350/Kilogram To Rs.400/Kilogram.

The main advantage of using Silicon Bronze C65100 is its excellent corrosion resistance and low thermal expansion which makes it ideal for applications where stability is important. Additionally, it has high strength, hardness, and wear resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

Silicon Bronze C65100 is commonly used in the aerospace, marine, and industrial sectors. It's used for fasteners and connectors due to its high strength and corrosion resistance.

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