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Silicon Bronze C65100 Bolts go through some typical fabrication methods such as roll threading, drawing, blanking, drawing, shearing, swaging, squeezing as well as knurling.  They have a composition of Mn- .50 to .30%, Si- 3.80%, Zn- 1.50% and Pb .50% maximum and copper are mixed to make it is a balance.  They are ideally fit and suitable for marine industries and other industries needing a resistant alloy as well as the strong alloy. The product is used in many ways and they are easy to use and wash. They are today mostly getting to see in marine applications because of their high corrosion resistance property.


Silicon Bronze C65100 Bolts can be purchased in any size, shapes, and dimension. They are available at various costs, thus you can purchase them according to your needs and demands. It is extremely simple and easy to work with them in industries and with marine applications.  They are kept under ultraviolet light and other conditions, so that their physical and mechanical parts can be determined easily. Also, they are containing some good features such as good ductility, good thermal expansion and else.

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