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Silicon Bronze C65100 Nuts are composed of a unique combination of properties and chemical elements. These nuts consist of approximately 97-99% copper and 1-3% silicon, with trace amounts of manganese, zinc, and iron. Silicon plays an essential role in producing both strength and improved corrosion resistance, while other metals, such as zinc and manganese, help create an alloy that is harder to work but stronger when cooled. This blend of alloys makes Silicon Bronze C65100 nuts ideal for highly corroded saltwater environments and more challenging engineering applications such as automotive components and fastening hardware.

C65100 Silicon Bronze nuts have many uses in engineering projects and arts and crafts. These nuts, composed of (Cu 85%, Zn 5%, and Si 7%) are known for their strength, corrosion, oxidation resistance, malleability, and electrical conductivity. They are best used when working with components exposed to concentrated fumes or atmospheres near the ocean. These impressive features make them ideal for use in projects such as marine architecture (cylinder head studs, bolts), air conditioning systems, water pipes, pump components, window frames, and thin-walled sheet metal work. Silicon Bronze C65100 nuts also perform well for artistic purposes, such as crafting jewelry pieces or sculptures, due to their unique color and deformation capabilities.

FAQ's for Silicon Bronze C65100 Nuts

Silicon Bronze C65100 Nuts Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 15/Piece.

Silicon Bronze C65100 Nuts are designed to provide long-lasting durability and resilience, meaning they can withstand the elements without degrading over time.

Silicon Bronze C65100 Nuts possess great tensile strength and excellent ductility, making them an ideal choice for many industrial applications requiring high-strength materials.

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