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Silicon Bronze C65100 Screw is also known as engineering alloy and it is highly corrosion resistant and stronger as compared to other grade screws. This silver bronze product is always marked as of its good strength, electrical braze ability, as well as, corrosion resistance properties. Not only this, this is one of the greatest and significant wieldable copper alloys. Even it is readily connected by all sorts of resistance welding and joining by brazing or soldering is outstanding. Joining through spots welding and shielded arc welding is also outstanding and through oxyacetylene welding, good. It seeks out its broadest use as wire and rod for roll threaded and cold head bolts, lag screws and wood screws.


 This silicon bronze screw is also being used for mast tangs, welded fuel, water tanks, pilot, commercial crafts, cable connectors and more. Silicon Bronze C65100 Screw is also said to be one of the best copper alloys only for pole line hardware. It comes up with various sizes, color, grades, standards as well as thickness. Thus, now respectable clients can get it according to their right needs and size of the project.

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