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These are an important category of stud bolts, it was originally developed for the chemical industry because of its unmatched ability of resistance to corrosion in many liquids. Silicon Bronze C65100 Stud Bolts has an exceptional high strength and is called as high-tensile manganese bronze or manganese-aluminium bronze. These are not confined within any limits of composition. In spite of it certain compositions are being used for general purposes. These are being widely used for steam condenser tubes. It is one of the most ductile of the commercially used alloys and it can also be used in times of extreme coldness without any intermediate annealing. These bolts can be customized accordingly in order to match the requirements of the applications. Depending upon the applications, these vary from size to size, dimension to dimensions and many more. It has a very good ability of withstanding high temperatures. The chemical composition and the mechanical ability of the bolts helps in understanding of the of the type and the usage of these fasteners. They provide a realistic and unmatched approach in solving the major issues.

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