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The silicon bronze fastener finds the great application into the fastening system for ships, boats and other kinds of the marine structures. In which apart from the standard types this is manufactured at different types namely dowel pins, threaded rods, stud bolts, screw, nuts and washers. The silicon bronze fasteners are manufactured as the cold forged, hot forged or as machined or cast. The silicon Bronze C65100 washers are used as a substitute for brass and it possesses a greater resistance and strength to the atmospheric corrosion.


This type of the silicon washers contain about 96 percent of the copper alloy where the final outcome may be silicon alone but in more often a little amount zinc, manganese, iron or tin is also added while manufacturing the silicon C65100 washers. When the copper – bronze is heated about 800 degree and quenched in cold water and then again heated to 275 degree then these silicon Bronze C65100 washers develops the high standard tensile strength comparable to the some of the other strong varieties of the steel.

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