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Silicon bronze C65500 bolts use niobium for stabilization against the effect of corrosion and sensitization. If a 33% of nickel composition is used in these bolts then they can even provide protection from chloride solutions and its particle. These bolts also show good working in ambient as well as highly elevated temperatures that to up to an approximation of 900 degree Celsius.


Specifications and sizes –

They are mainly specified on the basis of ASTM to finally turn them into silicon bronze alloy. Their metric size ranges from M1.0 to M150 while the imperial size ranges from ¼” to 6”. These bolts even could be made available in different sizes and dimension of bolts because that only makes is ready to use in the applications.


This Silicon bronze C65500 bolts also go for the quality test that certificated that this product is ready to use and stay long with the equipment in which you are installing it. They are even certified with tests of durability and tensile strengths to ensure long-lasting effects.

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