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Silicon Bronze C65500 Nuts is known to be an incredibly strong alloy which has high tensile strength and corrosion resistance property. This is not so heavy and available in readymade options. It is reliable and ideal for cold worked, hot worked, salt water, and more. It is generally containing with 96% of copper and 4% of other elements like silicon or a less amount of manganese, zinc, iron, and tin. It is being used widely to weld similar composition brass, base metals as well. It is promptly used in GMAW braze welding which is of coated sheet steels. It is the great combination of weldability, ductility, formability, strength, as well as resilience.


Silicon Bronze C65500 Nuts is available in various sizes and others on request. Its specifications are ASTM and other international and national standards. It is used for the application dealing with automotive applications, chemical processing equipment, electrical, and many others. It also goes through the wide range of inspection processes like third party inspection, chemical or mechanical testing, flaring test, and so on. Other inspection processes can also be done on it, according to your needs.

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