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Silicon bronze CuSi3Mn1 can be easily cold worked for enhancement of its mechanical properties.  The greater strength, durability, easy to fit, resistance to pitting and corrosion, including alkalis, acids, salt water, organic chemicals etc has made it ideal. These are not suitable for use in with acid chromates; oxidizing salt like ferric chloride, sulfide and nitric acid etc. the alloy is confirming ASTM B 98 C65500 and ASTM B 96 C65500. The standard specification of Silicon Bronze C65500 Screw is like DIN, ES, JIS, ASME, British BS and Indian BIS.


This Silicon Bronze C65500 Screw due to good density and melting range, relative magnetic permeability, friction coefficient, thermal conductivity etc has made it good for various uses. Also high tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, elongation etc has made it reliable for different purposes.


Also the producers of Silicon Bronze C65500 Screw are having good ability of modifying all existing alloys for improved performances.  The producers are doing thorough inspection and testing to check the product quality to assure high quality of screws production that can be used for various applications in different industries globally.

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