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Silicon Bronze Nuts

Silicon Bronze Nuts are composed of a combination of copper, primarily in the form of an alloy containing 97-98% copper and small amounts of manganese and silicon by weight. In addition to these components, low lead, nickel and phosphorous levels are present. These nuts are particularly resistant to corrosion factors such as atmospheric pollutants, salt spray and water immersion when compared to traditional uncoated brass or bronze alloys, making them a preferred choice in outdoor applications such as marine environments.

Furthermore, using Silicon Bronze Nuts can help eliminate galvanic corrosion from occurring between dissimilar metals due to their unique chemical composition.

Silicon Bronze Nuts are one of the most reliable and high-quality fasteners available. These nuts, which consist mostly of copper, silicon and zinc, provide unparalleled strength compared to other fastener materials. Not only are they strong, but they also resist corrosion naturally, making them a great choice for outdoor and underwater applications. Silicon Bronze Nuts are also nonmagnetic and thermally stable, so they won't be affected by changing temperatures or electromagnetic fields. The product's self-lubricating properties mean it can handle heavy loads and remain reliable, even after extended use. For these reasons, Silicon Bronze Nuts are ideal for demanding industrial applications and decorative pieces like sculptures or craft projects.

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