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Silicon Bronze Screw

Silicon bronze screws are reliable fasteners because they are composed of a unique blend of copper, zinc, and tin-selenium alloy. Copper provides the strength necessary for many uses, such as marine, roofing and electrical applications. Zinc and Selenium together create an anti-galling compound that allows the screws to maintain their shape while in use. The combination of these elements gives silicon bronze screws excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and durability - making them ideal for any job requiring reliable fastening.

Silicon Bronze screws are a popular fastener with great corrosion resistance and strength. The combination of silicon, copper, and zinc provides an alloy that is more durable than many other fasteners making it ideal for outdoor marine use or high-salt environments. Its strength also makes it suitable for industrial applications like mining machinery, poles for electrical lines, and heavy door hinges. Silicon bronze is also attractive to the eye, which makes it useful in various trim applications or frequently seen areas. A few added benefits of silicon bronze screws include their good conductivity of heat and electricity and high flexibility when dealing with higher temperatures.

FAQ's for Silicon Bronze Screw

The HSN code for Silicon Bronze Screws is 7308.3090.

Silicon Bronze Screws can be welded using a TIG or MIG welder as long as the proper settings and materials are used. It is best to use a copper-based filler metal with a similar composition to the base material when welding Silicon Bronze screws.

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