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Silicon Bronze Washer

Silicon Bronze Washers are metallurgically comprised of a combination of copper and silicon. The chemical composition primarily includes 89-91% Copper and 9-11% Silicon to form the Bronze alloy. This combination gives these washers exceptional strength, ductility and performance in high-temperature and chemical applications due to the presence of helium and oxygen and copper as an element. In addition, its corrosion resistance is excellent for outdoor use, even in large structures, since it contains titanium, chromium, zinc and iron in small amounts. Overall, Silicon Bronze Washers are considered a superior choice for applications requiring greater corrosion resistance.

Silicon Bronze Washers are invaluable in finishing applications, particularly concerning electrical and chemical resistance. Silicon Bronze is a versatile, highly corrosion-resistant material with superior conductivity and thermal properties. In addition to their traditional usage in industrial seawater fittings, Silicon Bronze Washers have become increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor settings. Their enhanced chemical endurance makes them a great choice for coastal installations, while their mechanical strength makes them well-suited for diverse automotive needs, such as those associated with exhaust system connections. With their performance advantages, Silicon Bronze Washers should be considered when deciding on a material for any application that requires low friction strength, superb hardness, and great impact resistance.

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