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Stainless Steel 15-7 PH Foil

Stainless Steel 15-7 PH Foil is an austenitic steel alloy that combines high strength and moderate corrosion resistance. It has a 2% copper content, which gives it excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures and enhanced toughness and formability. This particular grade of stainless steel foil is mostly used in aeronautical applications because its composition makes it suitable for aircraft parts exposed to extreme conditions.

Stainless Steel 15-7 PH Foil is a precipitation-hardened stainless steel alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and good formability. It has excellent fatigue properties, offers high tensile strength, and is often used for applications that require extreme wear and corrosion resistance. Its temperature range is -425°F to 302°F, making it suitable for cryogenic applications and high-temperature operations. As a foil of material grade 15-7 PH, its major uses are in aerospace components, aircraft parts, nuclear reactor components, oil & gas production equipment & valves.

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