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17 10Ph Stainless Steel Screw is an alloy made of iron, chromium and nickel with a mechanical property that makes it resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This type of Screw is essential in the chemical industry due to its lower susceptibility to rust and premature failure. Resisting oxidation makes it ideal under harsh chemical environments while maintaining strength and durability. Stainless Steel Screw 17 10Ph is also well suited for outdoor applications, making it an invaluable material if used correctly.

Stainless Steel 17 10Ph screw is widely used in many industries due to its versatility. It is composed of a nickel and chromium alloy, making it corrosion-resistant, durable and long-lasting. The material has good tensile strength and high resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Its properties also make it ideal for outdoor use and harsh environments, including saltwater exposure. Additionally, it does not require unique surface treatments or coatings such as galvanizing; its outstanding corrosion resistance allows for cost savings and improved mechanical performance. Its ability to handle the diverse needs of different commercial, industrial and construction applications make 17 10Ph Stainless Steel screw a good choice for any project.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 17-10PH Screw

Stainless Steel 17 10Ph Screw Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

Stainless Steel 17 10Ph screw is highly corrosion-resistant and does not easily rust in most common environments. It can withstand oxidation, or rust, due to its high chromium content. The stainless steel alloy also resists pitting from acids and other corrosive agents. It has a low magnetic permeability, making it ideal for use in marine applications where salt water exposure may be an issue. Its high strength makes it suitable for use in structural applications as well.

Stainless Steel 17 10Ph screw is commonly used in machinery, automotive parts and components, marine hardware, plumbing fixtures, metal furniture construction and more. Its durability makes it a great choice for outdoor applications that are exposed to harsh weather conditions without losing its shape over time. It is also used in medical instruments and surgical tools due to its anti-corrosive nature and resistance to heat.

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