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Bolts are available in the market in several types; they all look same but their quality defers from each other. Stainless Steel 201 Bolts is one of the types of lower cost alternative which is made with the great combination of the Cr-Ni stainless steels. In the past manganese and nitrogen are used in this stainless product but now it is replaced by the nickel. It does not get harder when it comes under the thermal treatment but the cold worked brings out its high tensile strengths.


Mainly this type of bolts is non-magnetic one in the condition of the annealed but when it comes to cold worked it become magnetic to some extent. This 201 type of bolts are now even replaced the 301 elements in many applications. Moreover, its specifications are ASTM A193 and its forms are strip and sheet. They are also being in big containers, door frames and in many truck trailers etc.  Stainless Steel 201 Hex Bolts characteristics are somehow similar to that of the 301 type of stainless steel. It is even known to be the strongest stainless steel that’s why in most of the types of equipment this bolt is widely used.

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