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Stainless Steel 201 Coil

Stainless Steel 201 Coil is a lower-cost alternative to 301 and 304 alloys. It has an excellent performance in terms of corrosion resistance and formability. Composition-wise, it contains 17-19% chromium, 3-5% nickel, 0-7% manganese, 0.2%-1.0% nitrogen, 1% molybdenum and up to 0.3% carbon content. This composition provides enhanced properties like formability & weldability and favourable strength & toughness levels compared to standard austenitic stainless steels.


Stainless Steel 201 Coil is popular for its remarkable properties such as corrosion resistance, durability, high strength and low maintenance. It's known for its excellent formability and weldability, which makes it applicable to medical equipment, kitchen appliances, construction materials and architectural components. Its resistance to oxidation also makes it a great choice for many outdoor applications.

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