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Stainless steel 201 Plates are composed of an alloy containing a combination of iron, chromium, and nickel. It also contains small amounts of carbon, manganese , silicon, and nitrogen as well. This particular alloy combines the strength of steel with superior corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance compared to other steels. It also offers great stability in high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for creators who are looking for a material that can be used in projects requiring heat treatment, like boilermakers or automotive parts manufacturers. Additionally, the combination of elements offers better formability than typical stainless steel, allowing users to use less force when creating intricate shapes or designs.

201 stainless steel plates are a low-cost alternative to high-alloyed stainless steel. It contains 11-14% chromium and also a small amount of manganese, nickel, and nitrogen, which imbue it with superior corrosion resistance properties. It has high formability, weldability, and workability, making it suitable for home appliances and automotive trim in the forms of plates, wires, buildings, and piping applications. The non-magnetic nature of the meta makes it ideal for chemical processing equipment as well as their parts. Furthermore, its longevity means that it is widely used when long-term performance and strength are key in both commercial buildings and homes alike.

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