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Stainless steel 201 alloy is made from half nickel as well as increased manganese & nitrogen. The tubing made from this alloy is known as stainless steel 201 tubing and it is not expensive than other alloys. Type 201 alloys are austenitic metal as it is non-magnetic stainless steel containing high levels of nickel and chromium and low carbon.


This tubing is mainly used in the food and beverage processing, marine applications, power generation, oil and gas, etc. diameter of this tubing varies with the type. Seamless, welded, ERW tubing, all of them have different diameter, thickness, which is produced as per needs of the client.  Testing methods applied to this tubing is flattening test, etching test, product analysis, weld decay test and many more.


You can find these tubes coated with electro polish, satin finish, and mechanical polish. The testing, inspection and manufacturing of the stainless steel 201 seamless tubing are done as per standards of ASTM and ASME. Certification test include the laboratory test certificate, TUV, ABS, DNV. Lastly, it is packed in loose or wooden pallets or the plastic cloth wrap.

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