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The stainless steel grades vary at present this is because of the amount of Cr-Ni. It does not remain same in all they defer and with that features of the product also get different. Just like Stainless Steel 202 Bars which is made from the 202 grades which are well known in the market because of its toughness. These grade bars get stronger when it comes to the low temperature. It works excellent in such temperature. In spite of this, it also possesses the excellent corrosion property, high hardness, toughness, and strength.


Its different shapes and sizes are being designed in the market which is all as per the international and national standard of raw material. Its specifications are: Surface it goes with black, pickled, blasting, bright and polishing. Length starts from 1 meter and goes till 6 meters; it is even available in the customized length.


A round bar diameter is from 3 to 800 mm, actually, these bars are available in many different forms and according to that, it sizes change. Stainless Steel 202 Bars are now one of the most demandable products of the big industries who are engaged in the constructional work.

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