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Are you searching for the nuts which have the long life? If your answer is yes, then you should consider Nuts Stainless Steel 202 because of its high tensile strength, reliability, durability and long efficiency. This is non-hardenable by thermal treatment product. It can work under harsh conditions and at soaring temperature. It never becomes magnetic in the annealed condition. This is usually used in applications like thermal window spacers, truck trailer posts, airbag containers, structural works, hose clamps, cookware and more. It is highly proficient and effective nuts and also has highly non-corrosive property.


Know its specifications-

The size of it is beginning from M 6 and ending at M 64 and the length of it is cut length. Also, manufacturers are making this Nuts Stainless Steel 202 from high-quality raw materials, thus the question of its cheapness never arises. It covers up different standards as well as specifications such as API, DIN, and BS and so on. It can be purchased online in different quantities and at extremely affordable rates. Because of its long life services and some other good features, it is used within the industrial sector worldwide.

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