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Stainless Steel 202 Pipes are Chromium-Nickel-Manganese alloys. Stainless steel grade 202 pipes a low cost alternative to the 300 series.  These 202 pipes execute excellent low temperature toughness. 202 is nonmagnetic in nature and is widely known for its toughness, strength, harness and corrosion resistance properties. Corrosion resistance offered by 202 Pipes is similar to 430 grade stainless steel.

Grade 202 also had good machinability and machining can be performed under annealed conditions, as well. UNS S20200 Pipes weld easily through common fusion and resistance methods. Oxyacetylene welding is harmful for this grade. It contains higher carbon content when compared to the 300 series, which makes it vulnerable to stress corrosion cracking especially after welding on thicker materials. 202 steel grade is inexpensive and is used in regular applications like restaurant equipment, sinks, automotive trim, cooking utensils, trailers, Hose clamps and Architectural applications. Grade 202 Welded Pipes can be devised in sizes and finishes that are effective in specific applications.

Seamless and Welded 202 grade pipes are generally manufactured for uses in different applications.

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