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Stainless steel 202 plates is an alloy of iron, nickel, chromium, and small amounts of molybdenum and manganese. This combination provides superior strength and durability as compared to other stainless steel. It is non-magnetic, but it has slightly lower corrosion resistance than grade 304 stainless steel. 202 plate is extremely versatile and more affordable than grade 304 stainless steel making it a popular choice across many industries, from construction to medical devices. It is particularly well suited for outdoor settings where its corrosion-resistant properties are advantageous.

202 Stainless Steel Plates are extremely versatile, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh environments. They offer excellent corrosion resistance due to their high nickel, chromium, and molybdenum content. Its low carbon content makes it especially useful for welded applications as well. It is often used in the manufacturing of kitchen equipment, heating appliances, cookware, and building materials such as window frames, and doors. These plates can also be found in numerous industrial applications where they provide superior strength and durability compared to traditional alloys. Additionally, its good formability characteristics make it ideal for a range of uses, from industrial components to consumer goods.

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