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Stainless Steel 202 Screws are made of various chemical elements, including iron, chromium, nickel, and manganese. This help to provide it with excellent corrosion resistance and toughness. Other factors can also be included in the mix depending on the particular application for which the screw is intended. While usually shiny and silver in color, like most stainless steel alloys, a black oxide finish enhances corrosion resistance while offering an aesthetically pleasing black look. Whether bright or black oxide coated, Stainless Steel 202 Screws meet high standards of strength and durability to sustain rigorous use in industrial applications.

202 Stainless Steel Screws, one of the most popular fasteners used in various applications, are known for their strength, polished look, and corrosion resistance. With its uses varying from structural building components to kitchen appliances and hardware, Stainless Steel 202 Screws can accommodate many different types of surfaces, from softwood to masonry materials. Their properties include low volatility and high tensile strength that can withstand extreme weather conditions and chemical exposure. As a result of its durability and rust-retardant properties, Stainless Steel 202 Screws are a top choice for outdoor construction and any DIY project that requires solid threaded fasteners.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 202 Screw

Stainless Steel 202 Screw Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 12/Piece.

Yes, Stainless Steel 202 Screws offer excellent corrosion resistance against most acids and alkalis in a variety of temperatures and concentrations. This makes them well-suited for use in industries such as food processing and marine engineering where corrosive liquids are commonly used.

Yes, Stainless Steel 202 Screws are susceptible to rust if exposed to wet or highly corrosive environments. To prevent this, they must be treated or coated with a protective layer such as paint or powder coating.

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