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Stainless Steel 202 Screw is made using first-class and pure stainless steel. Exactly designed through sophisticated equipment as well as machinery, these 202 screws are supplied with precise threads for easy fitting and perfect gripping. For varied industrial applications of the customers, these screws are provided in varied sizes and thickness. These screws are widely stipulated for their robust construction, consistent performance, and dimensional accuracy. Now, comes to its features that are finished quality, high tensile strength as well as exact dimension.


Know its specifications-

The diameter of 202 Screw is from M6 to M56 (¼ to 2”). The length of the screw lies between 3/8 to 20” (500mm and above). It includes international standards and dimensions such as ANSI, DIN and so on. It is now available in custom-built choices so that clients can buy it as per their needs. It is an extremely affordable product and never gets corrode under harsh conditions and underwater atmospheres.

It is reliable and highly durable Stainless Steel 202 Screw and goes through diversified testing such as third party inspection, flaring test and more.

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