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The washers of this category are being welded through the conventional methods in which 18 percent of chromium and 8 percent of nickel steel is being applied. The filler metal of the conventional chromium nickel analyses can be very well used. Like the other stainless steels where the carbon is not controlled below 0.03%. Stainless Steel 202 Washer is susceptible to the inter granular corrosion in the weld affected zone. These washers are resistant to a wide variety of mild to moderately affected corrosive environments. They have a corrosion resistance similar to other stainless steel washers.


These can be used as a substitute in many areas. These are being manufactured and produced in various sizes and according to different dimensions based on the requirements of the industrial applications. All these washers are of international standards.  These are being developed in order to withstand high temperatures. All the testing are being done to check its maximum withstanding capacity. Other stainless steel washers cannot withstand higher degree of temperature and might create cramps but these will exhibit the strength and can be of more use. 

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