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Stainless steel 204 tubing is available as both seamless as well as welded form. Its size vary from 1/16” to 12” and it has various diameter and length depending open its size. This material is available in annealed, bright annealed, prickled, polished or mill finished. This tubing is highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand in highly corrosive environment.


This type of tubing is mainly used industrial areas for various purposes. Some of the application of this tubing is in fertilizer industry, oil and gas, medical implants, food processing, automotive, etc. This stainless steel 204 tubing is available in coil strip, flat, square forms. It is cold working alloy and contains chromium and magnesium austenitic stainless steel. Specifications are as per ASM A312 and ASME SA312 standards.


Due to the above given factors this tubing is great in demand and utilized by many industries. If you also want this grade of stainless steel tubing then you can buy it from manufacturer or distributors present worldwide. If you don’t find the required size or length of tubing then you can send the request to produce it as per your needs.

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