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Stainless Steel material comprises alloys that have a smaller proportion of chromium, which increases its corrosion resistance property. These stainless steel 3 Inch Pipes require lesser maintenance, oxidation-resistant it is widely utilized in many industrial applications. Stainless Steel pipe sizes metric pipework is categorized into several sorts depending on its desired purposes.

SS pipe size chart advises the pipe size and other specifications. The fractional and metric outer diameters (ODs) of 304 stainless steel pipe specifications range from 1/16 to 8 in. for pipes and 0.008 in. for hypodermic applications. The fabrication on these pipes is carried through bending, coiling, end shaping, welding, and cutting. The SS 316 pipe weight chart also classifies the measurements of these pipes to be used in Petroleum and natural gas liquefied, Shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, and power generating, Refinery and fuel, as well as pulp and paper

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