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Nuts Stainless Steel 301 is a commonly usable product in almost all the industrial sector worldwide. This is known for their good corrosion resistance as well as soaring carbon allows for cold working to the wide of tempers property. Also, this stainless steel 301 nut can be picked up from the online or offline market in the ½ hard, ¼ hard and fully hard. As compared to other grade nuts, these 301 nuts are best and reliable to use under harsh conditions. This is used in the applications such as utensils, conveyor belts, aircraft structural parts, conveyor bolts, rood drainage products and so on.


Now, comes to its sizes that is from 3/6 to 2 and it is also available in custom sizes or lengths. Thus now, patrons have the option to buy it as per their desired lengths and sizes. It is capable of being used at elevated temperature as well. At the top, it belongs to various surface finishing treatments like hot dip galvanized, matt finish, mechanically applied coatings, and so on.


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