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Stainless steel 301 screws are known best for its high tensile strength, durability, resistance to cracking, pitting and corrosion. But, ever you ever thought how screws get such excellent properties; these screws are considered best because of use of austenitic stainless steel available with type 301. It comprises various elements and contents such as nickel and chromium. These screws are widely used in different industries and applications that need proper support and strength to withstand in extreme environment and temperature. These screws are available in varied shapes and sizes as per the requirement and demand of customers.


The stainless steel 301 screw is available in different forms such as cheese head screws, slotted cheese head screw, socket head screw, hexagon socket head screw and many more. These screws are available with specification and ASME, ANSI, ASTM standard. these screws are well tested and inspected by quality experts who in turn offer tests certificates like radiography test certificate, mill test certificate, IBR test certificate and third-party inspection report. After these screws are ready for the delivery, therefore; they are packed in wooden cases or boxes to prevent these stainless steel screw form damage or rust.

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