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As we all know that there are different brands of plates available that are manufactured using the best quality of alloys. But, when it comes to choose the best alloy grade plates then stainless steel 301 plates is the right option available in front of you. 301 stainless steel plates are considered as austenitic steel that consists of various components or elements like nickel, nitrogen, and chromium that offer plate’s ductility and good strength to withstand in extreme environment and temperature. Not only this, these stainless steel plates have excellent corrosion, and 301 grades easily suit the forming, drawing and welding forms.


Specification for Stainless steel 301 plates:

Well, if we talk about stainless steel plates specifications they cover JIS, AISI, DIN, GB, ASTM and EN specifications. Moreover, the surface of these plates is checkered, hairline and etching. These plates have a thickness of about 0.2mm to 20mm and length varies as per customer demand and requirement. Furthermore, when these plates are ready for the delivery they are packed in standard export packages that prevent stainless steel plates from rust and suits all kinds of transports.

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