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Stainless steel 301 tubing is available as austenitic stainless steel and it is having good resistance as well as elevated carbon for cold working to different tempers. It can be obtained in ½ or ¼ hard or full hard form. This material have high strength as well as good ability to resist corrosive environment thus, it is used for variety of purposes in industrial application. Some of this include- use in trailer bodies, aircraft structure parts, roof drainage products and conveyor belts.


Stockers provide this material in random lengths and as per customer’s demands. This product is offered from 3/8” NB to 24’ NB. Standard tubing size and schedule includes SCH10, SCH5, SCH 80, SCH 40, etc.  Thickness of this tubing varies and can be up to 3”. Following tests are performed on this material- Hydro test, X-ray test, specialty test.


Customers can pick up stainless steel 301 tubing as per their needs. They can specify the size, shape, form of the tubing they require and the manufacturer will produce it according for them. Also, you can specify the type packing you want for this material.

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