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These washers are most commonly available authentic stainless with excellent corrosion resistance ad consists of elevated carbon which allows for cold working to a variety of tempers. Because of the capacity to high corrosion resistant makes it useful for numerous varieties of applications. Some of the areas where these Stainless Steel 301 Washer are being utilized are in the aircraft structural parts, trailer bodies, utensils, conveyor belts and many more. The purpose which incorporates the external exposure to mild and corrosive conditions at ambient temperatures can make use of these washers.

These restrict the outdoor, industrial, marine and chemical environments. These washers are susceptible to carbide precipitation during welding, as a result of which in some applications it does not hold good. They can be continuously exposed to a maximum heat of 870 degree Celsius. It has an oxidation weight gain of 10 mg/cm2 in 1000 hours and in temperatures over 870 degree Celsius. These washers are annealed at a temperature of about 1010-1120 degree Celsius and cool rapidly. They use low side range for intermediate annealing. These cannot be hardened by thermal treatment.

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