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The feature of Stainless steel 301L tubing is old drawn, annealed, polished and pickled. The available size of these grade tubing is 1/2inches, 1inch, 3/4inches, 2inches, 3inches and customizable. In length, it is 3m, 6m, 9m and 18m and customizable.  These grade stainless steel pipes have become versatile and ideal choice for various industrial and engineering applications and are widely used. They are exhibiting excellent resistance to corrosion to the wide range of environment that is corrosive. It is also exhibiting good machinability and is having weldability by or by not adding the filler metals.


Various kinds of testing it undergoes-


Every company is doing the testing of tubing so that they could assure excellent quality of tubing output. The kinds of testing it undergoes are flattening test, hydrostatic test, chemical analysis, mechanical analysis, pitting resistance test, hardness test. It also undergoes eddy current test, bend test, radiography test, and ultra sonic test, flaring test, macro and micro test, positive material identification test, intergranular test.  These entire tests make Stainless steel 301L tubing of appreciating quality. Thus we can say the one who uses tubes are high satisfied with its quality.

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