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Stainless steel 301 LN is identical to the grade 301 L, however, grade 301L has low carbon and improved ductility and the grade 301 LN have high nitrogen. The pipe of this grade is used in the toasters, automotive wheel covers, screen frames, etc. it is highly corrosion resistant and can withstand organic as well as diluted mineral acids.  It can also withstand pitting as well as crevice corrosion due to its high nitrogen content.


This pipe is having good welding ability and it is suitable for conventional welding methods. This grade has 50 % high thermal expansion as well as low heat conductivity as compared to 301 L Grade. Due to these differences, the stainless steel 301 LN  seamless pipe are in demand these days. One can easily buy them from the manufacturers. Various shapes, forms, grades of pipes and tubes are available. Clients are delivered the material with safety and material manufactured in a way that its quality is of high standards. If you require stainless steel 301 LN welded pipe then look at its quality, use, certification and tests first, and then buy.

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