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Stainless steel 301 LN tubing is great in demand at present. If you want to know why they are so popular then get in depth. Grade301 is the austenitic steel and it has work hardening rate very high. Grade 301 LN is identical to grade 301 L but there is different of low carbon and improved ductility in this. Also, this grade has nitrogen content higher which in turn compensates the lower carbon content. The raw material used for manufacturing these tubes are also tested and inspected because one tiny thing can damage the whole product.


Various application of this grade of tubing includes use in spring, toaster, screen frames, curtain walls, stove element clips, airframe sections, etc. However, the primary use of these tubing is in rail car structures and components. These tubes are well tested and inspected before they are sent for further processing or manufacturing of other goods. Moreover, these tubes cover both national and international standards and specification including ASME, ASTM etc. Well, if we talk about product durability this Stainless steel 301LN seamless tubing is packed in wooden cases so as to prevent it from rusting, damages and so on.

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