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Stainless steel products are always known best for their high strength, corrosion resistance, ductility, and durability. If you are in need of bars of best quality and grade, then we would recommend you to buy stainless steel 302 bars. Alloy 302 is basically a variation of nickel and chromium alloy that is mainly used in the stainless steel products. It is ductile and tough and helps stainless steel bars to withstand in extreme environment and temperature. Furthermore, these bars are used in several applications such as chemical processing industry, petrochemical industry and much more.



Well, talking about stainless steel 302 bars specification and standard these bars include ASTM, AISI, ASME A276, SA276 and SA479 specifications. Moreover, the size of these stainless steel bars is available as per customer’s requirement but its normal size ranges from 3mm to 350mm and has bright, black and polished finishing. Furthermore, these stainless steel bars are available in different forms such as round, hex, square, rectangle and forging forms.



These stainless steel 302 bars come across various tests and inspections such as radiography test, flattening test, raw material test and third-party inspection to prove bars quality and capability.

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