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The grade 302 is a great variation of the 8% nickel austenitic alloy and 18% chromium, this variation makes it ready to be used as the Stainless Steel.  Now there are also comes with the Stainless Steel 302 pipes. In this mixer, the amount of the carbon is higher in compare to the other grades. That’s why it is mainly formed wires and strip. But its pipes form is also one of a successful product. It is truly ductile, tough. It is also a corrosion resistant material that makes it good to use and non-magnetic makes it different from other types.


This grade of pipes doesn’t get harder after the heat treatment. This product is mainly used in the annealed conditions. Beside this, it is really easy of formability and fabrication. Today in various types of application this alloy is still in use. They had now taken a form of a pipe which is can bear any type of environment effects. Its properties now make it hardwearing and versatile material. Stainless Steel 302 seamless pipes are now the demand of the modern technology because day by day the use of this stainless is increasing much.

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