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Stainless Steel 302 Screw is a kind of fastener that is mostly made from metal or stainless steel and featured by the helical ridge called as an external thread or male thread. And the only thread is draped around a cylinder. Although, an Allen screw or hex screw is a device of hexagonal cross-section utilized to drive screws. Apart from this, this 302 grade screw is being supplied by sellers online in various sizes, thickness, and grades, in accordance with the needs of the respectable patrons. 


Know its specifications-

The screw’s size is starting from 3/6 and ends at 2” and others on request. The length of it is from 3 mm to 200 mm and it is available in standards such as BS, DIN, ASTM and all international standards. It is also present in various kinds such as socket screw, machine screw, Allen cap screw, cap screw, Hex set screw, pan head screw, win screw and so on.


This Stainless Steel 302 Screw never gets rusted under water conditions and it is also used for both domestic purposes and industrial applications.

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