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Today the numbers of manufacturers fully engaged in producing the widest range of bolts category and with full material options with no compromising in terms of qualities. The stainless steel 302B stud bolts are produced by making use of excellent quality of raw materials, latest tool and modern technology which result in greater quality of bolts production. The attractive features like prevention from contamination of product, ease of fabrication, ease of cleaning, corrosion resistance, good formability has made it widely used in numerous applications. Also, it has other features like beauty of appearances, toughness and good strength at cryogenic temperature, greater strength with low weight.



The producers of Stainless steel 302B stud bolts assures in keeping ASTM, ASME, IS, BS and other international standards in mind while producing those. In order to satisfy the customers wants for fulfilling application desires various effective testing is done. The testing are hardness test, pitting resistance test, flattening test, flaring test, chemical and mechanical test, mechanical test etc has made product of superior quality. While shipping, item is properly packed using wooden crates/pallets/boxes and has made it safer for product to ship to buyer.

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