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Known for its excellent corrosion resistance and high tensile strength stainless steel 303 bars are used in various industrial applications. Alloy 303 or we can say UNS 30300 stainless steel bars are usually manufactured for the machinery purpose. It has the higher concentration of sulfur which in turn allows fats machinery and lowers the cost of production. It is considered useful for all stainless steel products due to its corrosion resistance as well as ductility. Well, stainless steel bars are available in different types such as bright, hex, square and round bars. The raw material used for making these bars are of national and international quality approved material.


These stainless steel 303 bars cover ASTM, ASME dimensions, and ASTM A276, ASTM A479 standards as well. Moreover, the size of these bars ranges from 3.17mm to 350mm in diameter; thickness ranges from 3mm to 600mm whereas its length varies from 2mm to 6000mm. furthermore, these stainless steel bars are available with black, rough turned, matt finishing. These bars are hard enough to bear in any environment and temperature and offer the best result when used in different applications.

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