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Do you know about Stainless steel 303 pipe fittings? If not, then this article is extremely right for you as it entails you about 303 grades of pipe fittings. Made of stainless steel and mixture of other elements like nickel and chromium fittings are known best for its high strength and corrosion resistance. There are different types of fittings available in this grade such as reducers, caps etc. Moreover, these fittings are available to the customer as per their requirement and order. The stainless steel fittings cover international and national specification and standards including ASTM A403. The raw material is well tested and inspected before it is sent for the further manufacturing process.


Specification and certification

As we have told that these stainless steel 303 seamless pipe fittings cover national and international specifications. The dimensions of these fittings are as per ASTM, ASME standards the material used for making these fittings are stainless steel 303. The size of these fittings ranges from 3.17mm to 350mm and thickness varies from 3mm to 600mm. on the other hand, few tests are done to assure its quality such as radiography test and third-party inspection.

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