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Are you in search of quality plates that you can use in your applications well? If yes, then stainless steel 303 plates are the right option available in front of you. 303 alloys are austenitic and non-magnetic steel that has excellent strength and durability. Moreover, it contains a few elements which make stainless steel plates harder and stronger enough to sustain itself in high temperature are nickel and chromium. Alloy 303 is mainly used and designed to improve the machinability which in turn maintain corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. These stainless steel plates are used in several applications such as nuts and bolts, shafts, bushings and aircraft fittings.


On the other hand, if we talk about stainless steel 303 plates’ specifications, thus they are approved with national and international specifications and standards that include ASTM, DIN, JIS, EN and AISI standards as well. These stainless steel plates are approved after quality tests and inspections including mill test, hardness test, durability test and third-party inspection. Furthermore, these stainless steel plates are packed in good quality of boxes so that it can prevent plates from being damaged and rusted.

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