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303 Stainless steel stud bolts are hardware typically used to hold objects together in various industrial and construction applications. The chemical composition of these popular fasteners is composed mostly of iron (Fe) with smaller amounts of insignificant impurities, along with 18 per cent chromium (Cr), 8 per cent nickel (Ni), and 0.15-0.35 percent sulfur (S). Nickel, chromium, and sulfur give the bolts unique properties, such as improved corrosion resistance and strength at higher temperatures than standard carbon steel. The balance of these materials gives stainless steel 303 stud bolts their desired combination of physical properties, making them great for use in various environments, including foodstuffs processing, automotive components and machine tools.

Stainless Steel 303 Stud Bolts are among today's most popular and versatile fastening components. They are particularly useful when attaching larger, heavier pieces, as the 16% chromium, 11% nickel and 3% molybdenum composition of these bolts helps them offer superior resistance to corrosion and wear. The hardness of SS 303 Stud Bolts also makes them highly resistant to pressure or tension force; they will not deform even when faced with extreme loads. Additionally, due to their superior wear resistance, these bolts have a longer lifespan than many other fasteners. In a range of applications from construction sites to factory floors and HVAC systems, Stainless Steel 303 Stud Bolts are an essential piece in any hardware kit.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 303 Stud Bolts

Stainless Steel 303 Stud Bolts Starts At Rs 12/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

The approximate density of stainless steel 303 stud bolts is 0.290 lb/in3 (7.86 g/cm3).

No, stainless steel 303 stud bolts are non-magnetic due to their low carbon content and lack of ferromagnetic alloys in their composition.

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