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The Stainless Steel 303 Stud Bolts are widely used in many industrial applications and have serve outstanding features like high strength, high ductility, durability, and many more. It comes in various shapes, sizes; dimensions are broadly utilized as a part of various ventures. These fasteners are accompanied with NACE 3.1 certification and subjected to hot and cold forge method to provide hardness. These grades of stud bolts are manufactured by using top quality raw materials and are made with SS 303 in most limited conveyance time.


Product description-


The Stainless Steel 303 Stud Bolts follow standard specification like DIN, JIS, BS, GB, IS, ISO, ASTM and others. The size of this bolt lies between M02 to M 160 and length 3mm top 200mm. It comes in forms of round, square, and Hex and has thread standard specification Metric, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF and as required. These SS studs bolts are finishing in passivity form and are hot dipped galvanizing fasteners product. Various surface coatings are applied to it like phosphate coatings, Xylon coatings, Teflon coating and others.


The Stainless Steel 303 Stud Bolts are sold in bulk form and are packed in small boxes/carton/pallet or as per client’s demand in order to provide safety.

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