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So you are looking to buy the good quality of stainless steel tubing. Today stainless steel 303 tubing has become one of the most popular and widely used stainless steel for various kinds of applications.  It is popular austenitic steel and non-magnetic stainless steel that is highly preferred for various engineering and industrial applications. SS 303 tubing is high resistance to corrosion and helps in providing secure as well as leak light connections. It assures ease of fabrication and decent resistance to corrosion in the mild environment. The tubing is available in various forms and shapes and those easily exceeds and meets international and national quality standard and specification like DIN, ASTM, EN, and AMS.


Every company understands very well about how important high quality of the packaging is for the buyers. This is very much essential in case of shipment done internationally and proper care is required. The consignment has to pass through various channels to reach to the buyer.  The product Stainless steel 303 tubing is effectively packed in various appreciable ways. The ways of product packing are wooden boxes, shrink wrapped, wooden crates, wooden pallets and in carton boxes. This prevents the pipes from getting damages and also prevent from getting scratches on pipe surfaces.

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