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These kinds of washers are of extreme importance as they can withstand the much needed high temperatures and provides the strength to the nuts and bolts in order to function the discharged duties. These are very well suited for outdoor functionalities. They are being used in various numerous applications which involves of the heat as the major obstacle. The other washers cannot really discharge the duties at that temperatures and hence Stainless Steel 303 Washer are being utilized for those areas. These are especially designed for higher temperatures and the testing methods also include this capacity.


The complete protection to the surface can be given by these ones. there is a combination of various elements in these washers which gives the much needed strength to this. The various elements which are being incorporated in to this are nickel, manganese, iron, chromium, and many more. These are one of its kind, there cannot be any substitute to these washers. The industries in which they are being used are home appliances, military, pressure valves and many more, the areas where the excess heat is involved, these are best suited.

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