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Stainless Steel 304 Bars, it falls under the austenitic steel form that means it also carries the non-magnetic features which are in the annealed form. It even offers the excellent corrosion resistance property which in somehow low in other grades of bars. It can stay as it in chemical exposure and atmospheric exposure. These bars are also containing the elevated resistance ability in front of the oxidation. Beside this, it also has good welding feature and excellent forming feature. Its manufacturing process is done as per the international and national norms.


The sizes and thickness of the bars are also available as per the demand of the customers. The leading manufacturer, ask the client what their requirement for the Stainless Steel 304 Bars and after that they move on with the bar manufacturing process. The length in which these bars are actually available is 1 to 6 meters. Further its thickness is range from 1 to 6 meters and with that, it is also available in the custom cut lengths. In the different finish, this product is available in the market; the user has several choices now.

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