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In the series of the 300, the Stainless Steel Bolts 304 is known to be the best stainless steel austenitic that carries approx 18% of the chromium and about 8% of nickel. Beside this, it even carries carbon approx 0.07 %. Its properties make it most versatile stainless steel type. You will find this type of stainless steel in most of your cooking vessels but now it also becomes an indispensable part of the industrial equipments. Its properties like corrosion resistance power, higher strength, and ductile ability make it perfect for use.


It even carries the good oxidation property that makes it good for use in high-temperature equipment. Besides this, 304 grade also having the excellent welding property so in the case of need you can go for it. Stainless Steel Bolts 304, are well-designed bolts that look same like the other bolts but not exactly because it properties increase its quality and ability to work at any environmental condition. Day by day it’s now replacing another grade of bolts which are in use since from a long time but not good for future working.

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