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SS 304 ERW Pipes are widely used for superior corrosion resistance in various environments. They are composed primarily of iron, chromium, nickel, and other elements such as manganese, silicon, and carbon. Chromium gives the pipes their corrosion-resistant properties, while nickel provides good strength and flexibility. This excellent combination makes Stainless Steel 304 ERW pipes an ideal choice for industries like food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, as well as coastal infrastructure construction projects. Additionally, its widespread availability on the market today makes it a cost-effective solution for many companies.

Stainless Steel 304 ERW Pipes offer a range of technically superior yet versatile qualities that make them invaluable in several industries. With enough strength and durability to stand up to most applications, it is non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, low carbon, and has excellent welding and forming characteristics. This means it can be used in the food industry due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and in construction for weatherproofing or tempering glass. Additionally, when paired with an effective insulation system, 304 ERW Stainless Steel Pipes can be used for solar heating or cooling systems. It is no wonder these pipes have become genuinely indispensable for many different types of industries.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 304 ERW Pipes

It Varies, But Generally It Is Around INR 250/Kg To INR 300/Kg

The HSN code for Stainless Steel 304 ERW Pipes is 7304 39 90.

Stainless Steel 304 ERW Pipes are known for their environmentally-friendly properties. Not only are they made from a sturdy, corrosion-resistant material that is recyclable, but their high quality and reliable construction make them one of the most popular choices for both residential and commercial applications. Stainless Steel 304 ERW Pipes can be used for a wide range of projects and are an increasingly popular choice for plumbing systems due to their durability. They also offer excellent insulation and temperature regulation, making them a great choice for use in cold weather climates.

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